Vaughan will be hosting our 20th Annual Veterans Day Celebration on Monday, November 11. We will  honor the men and women who have served our country. To celebrate this special occasion, we are asking Vaughan Vikings to invite any relative or special friend they have who is a Veteran (of peace-time or war-time) to come to our school on Monday, November 11, 2019 starting at 7:15 am. 


Students may also invite a relative or friend who has a loved one currently serving in the military or the survivor of a deceased veteran. Veterans and special guests will be introduced to the student body and faculty via the television and honored at a special program.


To invite your guest, please complete this Invitation Form and submit by Friday, October 25. A formal invitation will be sent to the Veteran or special guest by the school office. If you have any questions, contact Vaughan Elementary at 972-727-0470. Thank you for supporting this special celebration!

NOTE: If you have more than one Veteran who you will be inviting, please fill out this form a second time. Thank you!


CLICK for Veteran's Day Invitation Form


Stars of Honor

As part of the Veterans Day Celebration, we will be filling the Vaughan hallways with Stars of Honor to recognize our student’s family members and friends who have served or are presently serving our nation in the military. This will provide an opportunity for our students to better appreciate both current and past military service men and women who have defended our nation and our freedom through times of war and peace.


To have a Veteran (living or deceased) honored on this wall, please CLICK HERE to complete the form by Friday, October 25.


We’d love to fill the hallways, so please check your family tree and submit as many names as you can. You can use this form multiple times to submit names. All names submitted in the past 2 years already have a star created and will continue to be displayed each year.

Volunteers needed

Can you help with Vaughan's Veterans Day celebration? We need volunteers to help with decorations the Friday before the event and we need help the morning of the event on November 11.

If you can spare a few hours it would be most appreciated!


CLICK HERE to sign up.

Memorabilia Display

Students and Veterans may also send pictures or memorabilia to be displayed in the library. The students, faculty, and guests of our school enjoy viewing photos, uniforms, medals, etc. Vaughan will take special care of all items on loan for this special learning event.


Please bring memorabilia to the school library by Friday, November 1st. Be sure to include name, year, and note of explanation with any items sent. Vaughan will use the information to make a label to display with the items. Also identify to which Vaughan student items should be returned. 


Vaughan will be collecting items to send to the VA Hospital. There will be a box in the front hallway for students to put their donations in. This year we are collecting:

  • Board games/card games - new or gently used
  • Socks - new (multi-packs of white socks are a great choice)
  • Fleece blankets/throws - new or gently used ones
  • Candy for Soldier's Angels - wrapped candy for the troops, Veterans, and wounded Veterans in VA hospitals

Please bring your items by November 6. Thank you!


Questions? Please contact: 

Nera Van Ark


Allison Almand 




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