Allen ISD Council of PTAs Citizenship Awards are given out to teachers, staff, and parent volunteers who give their time and effort to support our schools. These individuals are nominated because they go above and beyond what is expected and make a difference for our children.

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April 2021

Navaneetha Bhat

Navaneetha has been a terrific volunteer who has proactively reached out to see where she can help support our Vaughan community this year. She helped to decorate bags for staff winter appreciation and wrote encouraging notes to our staff as well. We appreciate your kindness and willingness to help. Thank you, Navaneetha!


Dottie Stone, Vaughan PTA VP Ways & Means

Dottie has worked hard this year coordinating a variety of fundraisers for our PTA. She also led our spirit wear and came up with fantastic designs for our community. Dottie is always the first to raise her hand to volunteer and help when there is a need. Thank you, Dottie, for all your support.


Leah Dymock, Vaughan PTA Secretary

Many thanks to Leah who has served as our PTA Secretary for the last two years. We appreciate her dedication and attention to detail. Leah also helps wherever needed and recently cleaned out the PTA closet – no small task! Thank you, Leah, for your willingness to serve.


Laurie Malone, Vaughan Secretary

Laurie does an exceptional job supporting our staff, students, and parents. She often works beyond the school day just to ensure events are set up for, the yearbook is edited, our staff is taking care of, and I could go on and on. We are so fortunate to have her compassion, dedication, and leadership at Vaughan!


March 2021

Casey Duckworth

Mrs. Duckworth is not only a phenomenon teacher to the kids in her class, but she advocates for ALL students in the building. She always does whatever it takes to make Vaughan better as a whole. Mrs. Duckworth has a growth mindset and is constantly refining her practice, as well as those around her, just to ensure she’s giving her absolute best and they are as well. I’m addition, Mrs. Duckworth coordinates many fun staff events for us to enjoy. We are so incredibly blessed! Thank you, Mrs. Duckworth.


Tina Valleau

Mrs. Valleau has done a great job with music classes this year. She was instrumental in coordinating all the music for our virtual Veteran’s day program, which was no easy task. She also is working to find innovative ways to teach music on campus. Thank you, Mrs. Valleau, for your attention to detail and commitment to our campus!


Shawn Glover

Coach Glover took over PE at Vaughan a few years ago and the kids all adore him! He keeps the kids fit and teaches them great self-discipline with smiles and laughter in all his classes. His spirit is always happy and he enjoys seeing the kids excel. He shares their successes with them in such a supportive and happy way! He always makes sure parents know how well their kids are trying and working in PE as well. He supports the school and volunteers to help whenever he can. Thank you, Coach!


Danh Nguyen

Mr. Nguyen is extremely encouraging to all the students at Vaughan. He gives all the students a love of art and an appreciation of design. He helps the students that are naturally talented in art and the students that just love to draw as he always helps each student and gives them the motivation to do their best. His encouragement and love of art are always present in the classroom and around campus. Thank you, Mr. Nguyen!

January 2021



Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, indoor and foodAshley Nelson, Assistant Principal
Ashley Nelson has done a phenomenal job supporting our staff with technology this year. She previously scheduled several sessions, including district personnel, for our teachers to attend. In addition, Ms. Nelson is working on another opportunity in the coming weeks. Not only does she ensure that teachers have a wide range of technology tools and support, but she also models all the different platforms so that teachers can see it first hand. We truly appreciate all Ms. Nelson does for our staff and students!
Heather Starnes, PTA Board Member - Hospitality
Heather is always ready to step in to help whenever she is asked. She is always willing to help whether it is decorating bags and writing cards to appreciate our Vaughan Staff or deliver spirit wear. We are fortunate to have her on our PTA board! Her positive, can-do attitude is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Heather, we are grateful for all you do for our Vaughan community!
Profile pic Dr. Alison Smithwick, Campus Librarian
Dr. Smithwick has been a terrific supporter of PTA and our campus this year. She actively promoted and assisted with our virtual book fair and was instrumental in pulling together videos for our virtual Veterans Day program. Dr. Smithwick also puts together campus announcements. She has ensured books get in the hands of our learners and set up a virtual library site for all to access. She does all these things with passion, love, and a positive attitude. Thank you for all you do, Dr. Smithwick!
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, text that says 'NIKE'Dillon Powers, Allen High School Student
Earlier this school year, Dillon, a former Vaughan student, built 20 cornhole games for Vaughan. This was executed as an Eagle Scout project and delivered out of gratitude and kindness. The games have been loved and played with by the students and have become a favorite addition to Vaughan's play space. Dillon is a former Vaughan student himself. Thank you, Dillon, for your kindness and generosity. 


November 2020


Shanelle Campbell
Shanelle, a 4th grade teacher at Vaughan, has been an active part of our PTA board since she joined the Vaughan family. We love her enthusiasm for her students and fellow teachers - she even took the time to decorate the staff lounge to make it festive for the holidays. Shanelle always goes above and beyond for our students and staff. Thank you, Shanelle!


Melissa Dreher
Melissa has taken on a new role as the Vaughan Counselor and is heartfully transitioning to being the guiding light of the educational team. She put together a parent education night covering 'coping skills' that was very well received by parents and staff. We appreciate all of the ways she is supporting the Vaughan family. Thank you, Melissa!


Manuela Jiminez
Manuela was nominated by 3 different people for this recognition! She is a brand new volunteer at Vaughan, but she has jumped in and helped in so many ways. She stepped up to help with the whole school supply fundraiser and was there every step of the way. On top of that she is working hard to make sure the treasurer’s job is done right. She is a valuable new member of the Vaughan PTA team! Thank you, Manuela!

Kathleen O'Connor
Mrs. O'Connor has been a fantastic addition to Vaughan for the past two years. She works with special needs kids at Vaughan and keeps the parents informed and the kids so happy and actively involved in every aspect of Vaughan. She is always smiling and so kind to everyone at the school. Thank you, Mrs. O'Connor, for all you do!


September 2020


Erin Little

Ms. Little has gone above and beyond her role to support students. She has worked many additional hours and has dropped everything to ensure all students are successful. We are so appreciative of her positive attitude and willingness to always do what’s in the best interest of our students. Thank you, Erin!


Nera Van Ark
Nera has been an amazing addition to the office staff at Vaughan. Her calm demeanor and can-do attitude has helped tremendously in getting us ready for this school year. She does whatever it takes to support our staff, students, and families. We are extremely appreciative of all she does! Thank you, Nera!


Julie Van Boerum

Every year, Julie heads the school supply fundraiser. It takes countless hours to purchase, acquire, sort and distribute the materials. This year it became extra complicated due to COVID-19. Julie was able to come up with a way that would adhere to the new safety standards and timeline she was given. Within a few days she had rallied enough volunteers to take on the task of sorting and distributing materials for each grade within a few days.


Mady Acosta

Mady has been a long-time volunteer at Vaughan and has taken on various board positions over the years. She is always willing to step up and help out whenever there is a need. She is consistent and can be relied on. Many thanks Mady for all you do for Vaughan!

May 2020


Deb Purcell

Deb is always willing to lend a hand when needed. She is so kind, helpful and her patience with the students is remarkable. She truly is a fantastic asset to our Vaughan community! Thank you, Ms. Purcell!


Nikki Robertson

Mrs. Robertson has so much patience and love for her students. She's so caring and always has such an uplifting and positive attitude. She's so warm and welcoming and is a wonderful asset to the Vaughan teaching team. Thank you, Mrs. Robertson!


Tonya Jasenof

Ms. Jasenof has been a steadfast leader of our campus as we had to transition to distance learning. She has provided frequent communications to our Vaughan community that help to support both an environment of learning and feeling of community. It is clear that there is so much behind-the-scenes work and we appreciate her hard work. Thank you, Ms. Jasenof!


Laura Nguyen

Mrs. Nguyen truly cares for her students. She took the time to chat with each individual and listen to her students' thoughts and needs. The Vaughan community is very fortunate to have her as a teacher and her students will surely miss her. Thank you, Mrs. Nguyen!

March 2020


Julie Lambert

Julie, an incredible 4th-grade teacher at Vaughan, has taken on the coordination of the Vaughan Geography Bee.  This fun event helps our students learn and explore the world we live in - and showcase their knowledge in front of friends and family. Julie, we appreciate your dedication to the students at Vaughan. Thank you!


Heather Starnes

Heather has done a great job of promoting the Allen Eagle Run on campus. Vaughan had the highest number of participants in years. She was able to make it fun for students with thoughtful promotions and did a great job with creating visuals to hang around the school. Additionally, Heather helps whenever there is a need and is a volunteer we can rely on. Thank you, Heather!


Mechelle Galyon

Mechelle, a vibrant 6th-grade teacher at Vaughan, jumped in to take over our Spelling Bee program. The spelling bee offers an opportunity for students to exhibit their proficiency in the art of spelling. She helped to ensure all teachers and students had the appropriate materials and study guides and knew the timeline of when things would happen. She coordinated the school bees, ensuring participants, judges, and parents understood the rules and guidelines. Thank you, Mechelle, for coordinating a very successful program.


Karen Langford

Karen Langford has gone above and beyond in the library this year. She has added new books to the system, repaired books, taken on the project of organizing the leveled library, decorated the library windows and even subbed a whole day for our librarian. Additionally, Karen always helps out with PTA needs throughout the campus. Thank you, Karen we appreciate you so much.


January 2020


Melissa Dreher

Melissa is a terrific teacher at Vaughan. She coordinates our 5th grade Sky Ranch trip, which is always a highlight for our students. Additionally, she is coordinating UIL this year. Melissa is a team player who always has a positive attitude and goes above and beyond for Vaughan. Thank you, Melissa!


Josh & Renee Uberta

Josh & Renee Uberta have done a wonderful job supporting our staff this year. Each month they plan a wonderful treat for the Vaughan staff. The annual cookie exchange in December is one of Vaughan's favorites and they made it very festive and fun. Thank you to Josh and Renee for spoiling our staff!


Alison Smithwick

Alison is our wonderful librarian at Vaughan. In addition to keeping the library in tip-top shape, she has taken on coordinating UIL. She has done a great job integrating maker space themes with stories for the classes, she always has a great book recommendation for our students, and is she has brought lots of new ideas to our library. Thank you, Alison!


Nera Van Ark

Nera did an amazing job on Vaughan’s 20th annual Veterans Day celebration. Her attention to detail and passion for our school were evident. She did a great job organizing and overseeing all of the aspects of this event. She was able to include numerous groups on campus, so everyone felt part of this special day. Thank you, Nera, for such a reverent and patriotic event.


November 2019


Beth Monsen

Beth has dedicated her precious free time to help ensure that the Vaughan Red Ribbon Picnic, a favorite program at Vaughan, was a tremendous success. She, along with her team, created a fun event for students and their families. She dealt with various changes due to inclement weather and re-worked her plan seamlessly. She photographed the event and captured heartfelt moments that will be cherished. Thank you, Beth!


Karlye Kile 

Karlye played a key part in making the Vaughan Red Ribbon Picnic a success. She, along with her team, created a fun event for students and their families. Her bright smile and joyful personality helped make all the families feel welcomed. She is a valued treasure of the Vaughan family. Thank you, Karlye!


Michelle Valitutto

Michelle has done a terrific job with our volunteers at Vaughan. She has learned a whole new system for creating and engaging volunteers. She works with both PTA and school to determine the needs and get the word out. Michelle, your efforts, commitment, and passion are extremely appreciated. Thank you, Michelle!


Krista Witt

Krista has worked tirelessly to put together a fundraising program that got parents and students excited about fundraising. Her efforts directly helped to raise all of the money to fund all of the amazing PTA programs at Vaughan. Thank you, Krista!


September 2019


Aimee Hilton

Aimee ran the summer reading club in which some of our students were given books and then given the opportunity to come up several times this summer and swap out their previously read books for new books. Aimee took her own personal time providing this opportunity for our students. 



Julie Van Boerum

Julie poured her summer into executing Vaughan PTA's largest fundraiser: school supplies. She analyzed supply lists and order data, coordinated purchasing teams, and coordinated delivery of supplies to each teacher. The fundraiser was extremely successful and will allow the PTA to do many great things at Vaughan.



Annette Black

Annette worked hard over the summer planning Vaughan Spirit Nights.  She was very thoughtful in her approach, making sure to vary the type of Spirit Nights.  She found activities that would appeal to the wide age range of students we have at our school. She kept a few that were familiar to our school's families but introduced some new restaurants, specifically ones that would deliver to help make the events more convenient for parents to participate in. 



Cheryl Rothbauer

Cheryl is the person behind the scenes at all extracurricular events. She maintains the Vaughan webpage and sets up the sound/computer for all events. She is always the first to respond to requests for help. 




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